Autumn Exclaims

Three opening exclamations:

How time flies!

What a busy year!

Blogs take time!

Here it is, almost Halloween, and we haven’t posted any entries since early summer (yet another exclamation)! Several loyal readers have nudged and queried about the status of Life at ShadowWoods. They wondered if we were okay. They've asked about the garden, the gang of pets and the never-ending list of projects. However, their leading question is usually around the status of the blog.

First off, we’re fine. After our late spring home consolidation (no longer SF residents...A very BIG exclamation), we’ve had a lively season of rewarding projects, cherished visitors and memorable events.

We finished the guest cottage interior, added a fly cage to the “BirdBarn” and have begun work on a large, walk-in pantry, a much needed addition when living rurally remote.

Our highlight visitor was Aunt Dude from Durango, Colorado. She’s always such a joy and inspiration. Can’t get enough of her!!! (She’s worthy of more than one exclamation point.)

One sad event this summer was the passing of our 17 year-old family member, Shadow. She lived a long, loyal and happy dog life. We think of her daily. And, yes, she’s one of the inspirations for the naming of ShadowWoods.

Our garden was late, but surprisingly productive. As always, we learn new things to better inform the next season. We’ve put in some winter vegetables with the hope of eating fresh in the cold of winter.

With the onset of colder, wet weather comes the gift of more time to contemplate and write. We’ll reflect on the Summer and Autumn of ’09, chock full of successes and challenges, to whip up and write down stories, thoughts and helpful information.

So, hang in there dear readers. There’s more to come soon! (end exclamation point…)

(Photo: Fall color at ShadowWoods)

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