Buster Bobo

Part angel and part clown (and a dash of monster!), our newest addition, Mr. Buster Bobo, keeps us on our toes!

Last Christmas Eve, a good friend asked us to foster this little guy. Since he was a stray, all attempts were made to locate his owners. After nothing clicked, this little character easily found a cozy place in our hearts and home.

Bobo, (aka Bolicious, Botron, Boboli, and other “Bo” morphs long before the First Dog came along) is an Affenpinscher. “Affenpinscher” translates from German to mean “monkey terrier” and like most small terrier breeds, he’s always on and ready for a good time. Inquisitive, sensitive, always underfoot, and sometimes selectively deaf, he rouses the other dogs, alerts us to wildlife and dines on a varied menu of leaves, bugs and feathers. Of course, this diet is his choosing, particularly when away from our supervision.

His fur is a bit sparse making him a lover of anything warm. With the nice spring weather, he enjoys standing guard while in a sliver of sunshine. When he seeks the shade it’s difficult to see him and interestingly, it’s when he most likely turns off his hearing aid. He's giving new meaning to the word "Shadow" to say the least...
(Photo: Bobo posing for the paparazzi)

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