Forest Cafe

It’s interesting how the things we miss most from city living become eager challenges for us to replicate at ShadowWoods. Usually these yearnings revolve around food and eating experiences. Take for example the morning visit to a neighborhood café –
In San Francisco, café life abounds, and with it a multitude of morning treats and crazies, I mean pastries. It’s so easy to satisfy sweet cravings while slugging your caffeine and taking in the awakening street scene.

To mimic what we took for granted when living in San Francisco, I employ my rural upbringing, you know, those things learned from mom, like weekly baking and annual preserving, to whip up our own little Café ShadowWoods experience. This morning, thick, toasted slices of fresh-baked, grain-laden bread with a healthy smear of home-canned jam are our substitute for the City’s doughy concoctions.

Grab a cup of coffee from the French press, head out to the deck or porch and watch the day begin. One big difference though is that our street scene is not of the human kind. We’ve got a different kind of flora and fauna to watch, and pretty crazy too! Come to think of it, with this view, the old street scene seems pretty tame now...
(Photo: 2008 Raspberry Jam )

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